Travel books to read in 2018

Travel books to read in 2018

July 3, 2018 Off By Dina Gachman

Many people love traveling. They think it is the best way to live your life. You can explore many places. It gives you a chance to learn about other people cultures.

The travel book is a guide, which gives you information about the place, restaurants, and food. One who is interested to know about some place can read these travel book. Many people have a habit to read a travel book. They have a collection of top class travel books. Reading them is good as you increase your knowledge about that places.

Many people like to read books when traveling. The best pastime for the traveler is reading. People who love reading travel books can spend many hours in the same way.

The best travel book takes you to another place and time. It captures the essence what it means to travel.

Following are the travel books, reading them during traveling helps you not to get bored and make you feel happy:

Travel book into the wild:

Reading this story will take you from America to the way of Alaska. The story of this travel book is about a man chasing his dreams, donate all his money to the charity and go. He was unhappy with the society and then decided to search for his own society, a place he belongs. A good story, one should read this travel book. 

Shantaram book:

This book was published in 2003. This is a semi-biological story about a man of Australia who robbed the bank and then flees to India. How he settles there, and no one departed him back to Australia. Interesting book, read when you are traveling. The best travel book that will pass your time in an interesting way.

Rory Maclean book magic bus:

This is the best travel book when reading it, your time flies away. The book is having all the information of how tourism has changed in some years. How some places has become commercialized. Many travelers say that travel at any age gives you a chance to relive your life.

Jules book under the sea:

The Jules is still considered as the best author of travel books. This book is read by many people during their way to their destination. This story is about the mysterious nemo captain and his submarine. Learning about the unchartered water to discover some unknown. An interesting book which finishes in no time. Still best travel book and recommended by many people to read when traveling.

Travel book by Jack:

Many people have read this book. This book named on the road defines the America beat moment. In this story, the main character travels from America with his friends to San Francisco. One who wants to explore about America should read this.

Charley travel:

The author of this travel book takes you on the road to America. With his dog on the road with him, want to discover the modern America. He at the end found that they are not living to his expectation of classical America.