Top 5 Famous Authors of top selling books

Top 5 Famous Authors of top selling books

July 2, 2018 Off By Dina Gachman

A book is a form of a book which is written by classic author. In these books, travelers share their experiences of traveling. They discuss different aspects of their travel destination including culture, behavior and interesting things. Such books can be used as a guide for beginners who want to write a travel book. Not only a writer but also travelers who want to go on a trip to specific place can use these books. These are a source of enjoyment during travel for people who love travel. Many famous writers are found when we take a look back in history. We discuss them along with their famous books in this article. Some of the famous travel book written by famous travelers are:

Paul Edward

He is an American travel writer and novelist. Great railway bazaar is his famous work. He provided numerous books and shared his experiences which are using for film features in the modern world. He was born on 10 April 1941 in med fest states. He got an award for his amazing books. He got patron’s gold medal and Costa novel award for his extensive work.

Bill Bryson

He is an American travel writer. He was born on December 8, 1951. He has written books on many topics including English language, science, and other fiction topics. He was born in the United States and lived his entire adult life in Britain. His amazing travel books include I am a stranger here myself, a walk in the woods and notes from a small island. He provided a huge amount of learning experience for people. He was a travel writer and novelist.

Rebecca West

She was British critic, novelist, author and travel writer. He was born or 21 December 1892 in the United Kingdom. Black lamb and gray falcon are among his famous books.

Charles Bruce chat win

He was an English travel writer and novelist. He was born on three may, 1940. He published his first book as a travel writer. His first travel book was “In Patagonia.” He published this book during 1977. He was born in England and traveled many countries to provide extensive travel experience. His work is used as inspiration for travelers and writers.

Eric Newby

He was an English travel author. He was born on 6 December 1919 in London. He traveled India subcontinent, Middle East, Europe, Afghanistan, and Britain. His famous books include a short walk in Hindukush, round Ireland in low gear and last grain race.

Freya Stark

She was a travel writer and British-Italian explorer. She was born on 31 January Paris, France. He provided an extensive work on the travel of the Middle East and Afghanistan. He wrote more than two dozen books on traveling of these regions in the world. He got awards for his renowned work experience. He got founder’s gold medal and mango park medal.

So, these are famous travel authors in history. They have published their books about their learning experience during traveling. They have created strong history related to the tourism industry and writing.