Kim As The Most Influential Social Media Star

Kim As The Most Influential Social Media Star

July 2, 2018 Off By Dina Gachman

Social media is of great use by the people around the globe. It grants the people free time leisure and also let them show their capabilities to the world. Some people got incredible fame and are known by almost everyone in the world, and they have gained this fame because of the social media platforms. People get famous by posting the things they are master in. By sharing the self-written contents with the public whether that is poetry or some books or novels. Everyone has got some unique skills which make him different and better from other people in so many instances.  Some people have gained massive fame by sharing their written contents and now are well-known writers or poets on social media. Some other people are famous for their pictures on social media, about the way they take pictures and post it, the captions they add to the photos and so many other things which make them unique.

There are things which make people unique and famous. Kim has got nothing like the others which could make her too unique in some aspects. But still, the researches have shown that Kim is the most famous personality of the social media, and this is right, she is the social media star. By Being an actor doesn’t mean that everyone is going to like and appraise you, there are people who would not want you for what you are and what you do, they will make negative comments, make criticism etc. but for the stars, the thing that matters a lot is their fan following and the people who like and appreciate them and their doings.

Kim Kardashian is now the most influential social media star in the world. She has got more than 100 million followers on Instagram and about 57-58 million followers on Twitter. Kim has a great an influence over the people worldwide. Kim has travelled about the whole world, and she is famous for her makeup classes on the social media platforms with the makeup artists.  She is the owner of different businesses and has the licenses of an emoji app, gaming app, fragrance line and a cosmetics line. Kim has three books too which are named as Dollhouse, Kardashian Konfidential, and Selfish.

Kim because of her strong influence over social media has also shown her support most of the times for the politicians and even the causes. Kim has also spoken about the women’s summit at Forbes. Later on, Kim has, later on, showed her support for the same mountain on the Twitter. There was a case of young women who had killed a man in self-defence. Kim helped her personally with the help of her lawyers to get her out of the situation. Kim is not only famous for solving the issues within the boundaries of America, yet she is known worldwide for this. Kim has got the considerable attention of the people and is considered to gain more popularity shortly.